Recent Projects

Cyber Security Summit - Richie TurnerHD televisual production of the world’s first Cyber Security Summit

Sir Martin Evans, Nobel Prize WinnerHD film production and direction of the first Global Academy Annual Innovation Lecture

Swordpromotional film POWIS - Prince of Wales Innovation Scholarships

Swordproduction and direction of the first film in a series of Olympic Sword Fighting training films.

film production

from script to screen and all points in between.

creative direction - production management - project consultancy

We can provide high-quality film production services for:

  • Corporate Video
  • Conference Video
  • Training Video
  • Promototional Video

Current and previous projects include…

Executive Producer - INTERNAL BLEEDING a film written and directed by Al Kang.

Executive Producer - SO WHAT'S NEXT a film written by Stefan Pejic and Mark Cainen. Directed by Vern Griffiths.

Executive Producer of MUSE: a film by Italian director Massimo Salvato

Wales Co-operative Centre/Wisekids: Filming and editing of podcast segments for online social enterprise training production

Film of live concert and interview with acclaimed international guitarists and composers: Dylan Fowler [Wales] and Konarek Reddy [India]

Film of live concert and interview with Gillian Stevens: composer of new choral piece for 3 choirs and Orchestra "Strands in the Web of Life"

Storyline and screenplay development for 2 feature film projects...